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Russian Names for Girls

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Below is a table of Russian female names, listed in the alphabetical order. You can quickly access desired letters by clicking on a link in the menu:

- А -

Russian female names starting with the letter "A"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Афанасия ah-fah-NAH-see-ya Afanasiya, or Afanasia Афя Female form of the name "Afanasiy/Afanasi", meaning "immortal"
Агафья ah-GAH-fyah Agafya, Agafia - Means "good, kindly"
Аглая ah-GLIGH-ah Aglaya, Aglaia - Means "beauty, splendor"
Агнесса ahg-NYE-sah Agnessa Means "chaste, holy"
Аграфена ah-grah-FYE-nah Agrafena Means "wild horse"
Акилина ah-kee-LEE-nah Akilina Means "eagle"
Александра ah-leek-SAHN-drah Aleksandra or Alexandra Саша, Саня, Шура, Сашенька, Сашка, Шурочка, Александрина Comes from the Greek name "Alexandros". Feminine form of "Aleksandr", meaning "defender of mankind".
Алина ah-LEE-nah Alina Лина Means "noble" in Arabic
Алиса ah-LEE-sah Alisa or Alice Лиса Russian form of Alice, which comes from the French name Adelais/Adalheidis. It means "noble sort"
Алла AHLL-ah Alla Аллочка, Аля, Аллушка It is a variant of "Allaja", which means "scarlet"
Алёна ah-LYO-nah Alyona (or Aliona/Alena) or Helen Алёнушка, Алёнка, Аля It is a variant of "Yelena", which means "torch", "moon", or "to elope"
Альбина ahl-BEE-nah Albina - Feminine form of "Albinus", which means "white" or "bright"
Анастасия ah-nahs-tah-SEE-ah Anastasiya, or Anastasia Настя, Настенька, Настька, Таська, Тасенька, Настюша, Настёна, Настасья From Greek name "Anastasius", which means "resurrection"
Анна ahn-nah Anna Анька, Анюта, Аня, Анечка, Аннушка From Hebrew name "Channah", which means "favour" or "grace"
Антонина ahn-tah-NEE-nah Antonina - Feminine form of Roman name "Antoninus", which means "priceless"
Анжелика ahn-zhi-LEE-kah Anzhelika or Angelica Анжела From Latin "angelicus", which means "angelic"
Анфиса ahn-FEE-sah Anfisa Анфиска From Greek name "Anthousa", which means "flower"
Ася AH-sya Asya (or Asia) - From Greek name "Anastasius", which means "resurrection". It is really just a pet form of Anastasiya

Б - В

Russian female names starting with the letters "Б" and "В"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Болеслава bah-lee-SLAH-vah Boleslava - Means "large glory"
Борислава bah-ree-SLAH-vah Borislava - Means "battle glory"
Бронислава brah-nee-SLAH-vah Bronislava - Means "glorious protector"
Вера VYEH-rah Vera Верочка, Верик, Верка, Верушка, Веруня, Верок The meaning of the name Vera is "faith"
Вероника vyeh-rah-NEE-kah Veronika Вера, Ника From Greek name "Phereneke", which means "bringing victory"
Валерия vah-LYEH-ree-yah Valeriya or Valeria or Valerie Лера, Лерчик, Лерунчик, Леруся, Лерок, Леруня From Latin word "valere", which means "to be strong"
Валентина vah-leen-TEE-nah Valentina Валя, Валюша, Валюшка, Валенька, Валечка From Latin word "valens", which means "strong", "vigourous", or "healthy"
Варвара vah-VAHR-ah Varvara or Barbara Варя From Greek "barbaros", which means "foreign"
Василиса vah-see-LEE-sah Vasilisa Лиса, Василисушка From Greek "basileus", which means "king"
Владилена VLAHD-eelyen-ah Vladilena Лена Feminine contraction of Vladimir Ilych Lenin, founder of the Soviet state
Виктория veek-TO-ree-ia Viktoriya (or Victoria) Вика, Вичка Means "victor" in Latin

Г - Д

Russian female names starting with the letters "Г" and "Д"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Галина gah-LEE-nah Galina Галя, Галочка, Галчонок, Галенька, Галюшка From Roman Galenus, which means calm.
Дафна DAHfna Dafna, Daphne - Rarely used. It is the Russian form of Daphne, which means laurel.
Дарья DAH-ria Darya (or Daria) Даша, Дашенька, Дашечка, Дашуня From the Persian name Darayavahush, which means to posess good.
Дина DEE-nah Dina - Means judged in Hebrew
Диана dee-AHNA Diana Дианушка, Дианочка, Дина Means heavenly, divine.
Доминика dah-mee-NEE-kah Dominika Ника From Latin name Dominicus, meaning of the Lord.
Дунья - Dunya, Dunia - Means to be well.

Е - Ж - З - И

Russian female names starting with the letters "Е", "Ж", "З" and "И"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Екатерина yeh-ka-tyeh-REE-na Yekaterina, Ekaterina Катя, Катенька, Катюша, Катерина, Катюшка From Greek name Aikaterine, which means torture.
Елена yeh-LYEH-nah Yelena, Elena, Helen Лена, Леночка, Ленусик, Ленуля, Ленок, Еленушка From the name Helen, meaning torch or moon.
Елизавета yeh-lee-za-VYE-tah Yelizaveta, Elizaveta, Elizabeth Лиза From Hebrew name Elisheva, which means my God is an oath.
Евгения yehv-GYEN-eeya Yevgeniya, Evgenia, Eugenia Женя, Женька, Женечка From Greek word eugenes, which means well born.
Ева YEH-vah Yeva (or Eva) - From Hebrew name Chavvah, which means to breathe.
Жанна ZHAHN-nah Zhanna, Jeanne Жанночка From Hebrew name Ioannes, which means Yahweh is gracious.
Зинаида zee-nah-EE-dah Zinaida Зина Means shine or sky.
Зоя ZOY-ah Zoya, Zoia, Zoe - Means life.
Злата ZLAH-tah Zlata - Means gold.
Инга EEN-gah Inga - From Old Germanic Ingwaz, which means he who is foremost.
Ирина ee-REE-nah Irina, Irene Ира, Иришка, Ириночка, Иришка, Иринчик, Ирунчик From Greek Eirene, which means peace.
Инесса ee-NEH-sa Inessa Инна, Инночка, Иннуля, Иннуленька, Инуся, Инок Means strong water. The name was originally a male name, but became somewhat popular as a religious girl's name due the misidentification of the sex of the Russian martyr Inna, a male student of the Apostle Andrei.
Изабелла eezah-BEH-la Izabella - From Hebrew name Elisheva, which means my God is an oath.
Изольда ee-ZOL-dah Izolda - Means beautiful.
Искра EEskra Iskra - Means spark.

К - Л - М

Russian names for girls starting with the letters "К", "Л" and "М"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Кира KEE-rah Kira - From Persian name Kurush, which means far sighted.
Клара KLAH-rah Klara, Clara - From Latin clarus, meaning clear, bright, famous.
Клавдия KLAHV-dee-ya Klavdiya, Klavdia, Claudia - From Latin claudus, meaning lame, crippled.
Ксения KSYEH-nee-ya Kseniya, Ksenia, Xenia Ксана Means hospitality.
Капитолина kah-pee-tah-LEE-nah Kapitolina - -
Клементина klyeh-meen-TEE-nah Klementina, Clementine - From Latin name Clemens, which means merciful or gentle.
Кристина kree-STEE-nah Kristina, Christina Кристинка, Тина Means Christian.
Лада LAH-dah Lada - Means maiden or girl.
Лариса lah-REE-sah Larisa, Larissa Лара, Ларочка Means stronghold.
Лидия LEE-dee-yah Lidiya, Lidia, Lydia Лида Means from Lydia
Лилия LEE-lee-ya Liliya (or Lilia), Lily Лиля Means lily.
Лолита la-LEE-tah Lolita Лола, Лита -
Любовь loo-BOV Lyubov (orLiubov/Lubov) Люба, Любонька, Любаша, Любочка Means love.
Людмила lood-MEE-lah Lyudmila (orLiudmila/Ludmila) Люда, Люся, Людочка, Мила, Милочка Means favour of the people.
Люся LOO-syah Lyusya (orLiusia/Lusya), Lucy - -
Маргарита mah-gah-REE-tah Margarita, Margaret Рита Comes from Greek margarites meaning pearl.
Майя MY-yah Majya (or Majia), Maya - -
Мальвина mahl-VEE-nah Malvina - This name was created by the poet James McPherson in the 18th century. He probably intended it to mean smooth brow in Gaelic.
Марта MAHR-tah Marta, Martha - Means mistress of the house or lady in Aramaic.
Марина mah-REE-nah Marina Рина, Мариша, Мариночка, Маришка From the Latin word marinus meaning of the sea.
Мария mah-REE-yah Mariya (or Maria) Маша, Машенька, Машуша, Машуня Derived from Egyptian mry meaning beloved or mr meaning love.

Н - О - П - Р

Russian names for girls starting with the letters "Н", "О", "П", "Р"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Надежда nah-DYE-zhda Nadezhda (or very rarelyNadejda) Надя, Наденька, Надюша, Надюшка Means hope.
Наталья nah-TAH-lia Natalya (orNatalia) Наташа, Ната, Наташка, Наташенька, Наташечка, Натусенька, Натусик From the Late Latin name Natalia, which meant Christmas Day from Latinnatale domini.
Нелли NEHL-ee Nelli, Nelly - From the name Helen, meaning torch or moon.
Нина NEE-nah Nina - -
Нонна NO-nah Nonna - Derived from Latin nonus meaning ninth. First used in the 19th-century, it was traditionally given to the ninth child born.
Оксана ok-SAH-nah Oksana, Xenia Саночка, Оксаночка, Ксюша, Ксюшенька, Ксана Means hospitality.
Ольга OL-gah Olga Оля, Олечка, Олька, Оленька, Олюшка Derived from Old Norse heilagrmeaning holy, blessed.
Олеся Ah-LYEH-sya Olesya (orOlesia) Олесь, Леся, Лесь -
Полина pah-LEE-nah Polina, Paulina Поля, Полинка Short form of Apollinariya, which is from Greek verb apollymi meaning to destroy.
Раиса rah-EE-sah Raisa Рая Possibly from Greek rhaionmeaning more relaxed.
Рада RAH-dah Rada - Short form of Slavic names beginning with the element rad happy.
Розалина rah-zah-LEE-nah Rozalina, Rosaline - It was subsequently influenced by the Latin phrase rosa linda beautiful rose.
Регина RYEH-gee-nah Regina - From a Late Latin name meaning queen.
Рената ryeh-NAH-tah Renata - From a late Latin name meaning born again.

С - Т - У

Russian names for girls starting with the letters "С", "Т", "У"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Светлана Svyet-LAH-nah Svetlana Света, Светочка, Светланка, Светик Derived from Slavic svet meaning light.
Софья SO-fia Sofya (or Sofia) Соня, Сонечка, Софа, Софочка, Софи Means wisdom. This was the name of an early saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred.
Таисия tah-EE-see-yah Taisiya (orTaisia) - Possibly means bandage.
Тамара tah-MAH-rah Tamara Тома Means palm tree.
Татьяна Tat-YAH-nah Tatyana (orTatiana) Таня, Танечка, Танюшенька, Танюшка, Танюська Feminine form of the Roman nameTatianus, which was from the Roman nameTatius, which is of unknown meaning. This was the name of an early saint and martyr.
Ульяна oo-LYAH-nah Ulyana (orUliana), Juliana, Julianna - From a Roman family name which was possibly derived from Greek ιουλος (ioulos) downy-bearded.

Ф - Х - Ч

Russian names for girls starting with the letters "Ф", "Х", "Ч"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Фаина fah-EE-nah Faina - Meaning unknown, possibly from the Greek name Φαεννα (Phaenna), which was derived from φαεινος (phaeinos) shining.
Федосья fee-DOS-yah Fedosya (orFedosia) - Means given to God
Флорентина flah-reen-TEE-nah Florentina - From the masculine Roman name Florentius which was derived from Latin florensprosperous, flourishing.
Хавроня - Havronya (orKhavronya) Хывря Meaning unknown. This is the name of one of the main characters in Nikolai Gogol's short story, Sorochinskaya Yarmarka (The Fair at Sorochyntsi). The name is rarely used.
Чапека - Chapeka (orČapeka) - Means little stork. It is originally a Czech name.

Э - Ю - Я

Russian female names starting with the letters "Э", "Ю", "Я"

Russian Pronunciation English Diminutives Meaning
Эльвира EHL-vee-rah Elvira Эля Form of a Visigothic name composed of the Germanic elements al all and wer true.
Эмилия eh-MEE-lee-yah Emiliya (orEmilia), Emily - From the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus meaning rival.
Эмма EHM-mah Emma - Derived from Germanic ermenmeaning whole or universal.
Элеонора ell-YEHAH-norah Eleonora, Elenore Эля -
Юлия YOO-lee-yah Yuliya (or Yulia), Julia, Julie Юля, Юлечка, Юленька, Юлька, Юльчик From a Roman family name which was possibly derived from Greek ιουλος (ioulos) downy-bearded.
Ярослава yah-rah-SLAH-vah Yaroslava - Means glory of spring.
Яна YAH-nah Yana - Means God is gracious